Ghost Kitchen
On-trend Concepts
01-03 March, 2023
Beurs van Berlage


OnTrend Concepts is an organization that excels at sharing information and providing connections to help our customers to stay informed about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the ghost kitchen and food delivery industries, while simultaneously providing access to many of the leaders, influencers, and decision-makers in those industries.

Founder Peter Cook recognized the need for a dedicated information sharing forum tailored to business leader needs in this quickly changing business. OnTrend Concept’s mission is to address these needs by providing thoughtful events and information for industry executives, investors, and supplier partners.

The format, topics, and speakers at our events are carefully selected to advance this mission. Beyond OnTrend Concept’s live gatherings, our weekly news digests are must-reads for professionals working in the various sectors we serve.  In addition to ghost kitchens, OnTrend Concepts has events ands newsletters focused on drive-thrus, grocery delivery, and craft spirits.

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